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Classic cops and robbers action with this skill-based online slots game Online Casino

Enter the underworld with 3-Reel Hold-Up, an online slots game from Kerching Casino based on cops, robbers, bank jobs and bags and bags of swag. With sirens blaring in the background and a busted safe spilling cash everywhere, there’s plenty of chances for you to get your hands on some of the loot.

Played with three paylines, 3-Reel Hold-Up also has three separate reels. When you play, the bottom three symbols spin and come to a rest. You then get the chance to hold none or all three of these symbols, giving you the chance to influence the outcome. Once you’ve held all you want to, click the re-spin button and see what lands on the other two reels – with multiple winning combinations you could be taking home a big haul.

The symbols used in 3-Reel Hold-Up include classic slots fruit as well as some amazing cartoon graphics of your criminal friends in the game, some bomb bonus symbols and, of course, plenty of cash. Get three bonus symbols on a payline and you go through to the Big Heist Bonus. The getaway truck comes screeching to a halt in front of you, the back doors fly open and you get to choose one item of bonus loot. Your prize is calculated using the value of the loot multiplied by the number of credits wagered – which can result in some big payouts.

You’ll also notice some wild symbols on the reels, which can substitute any symbol, meaning some great winning combinations. The thrill of the chase with the cops and robbers of 3-Reel Hold-Up, along with some great bonus features that offer the chance for some big wins make this one online slots game not to be missed.

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