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The Poker Babes Nikki Beach Party Advantage Gambling

Integral to WSOP are the parties and bashes thrown by various poker institutions. They form an outlet for the tensions built up at the tables and everyone has a great time. Though Black Friday does not seem to have affected the participation in the events, many of the prominent bashes are missing. PokerStars has cancelled its party at the Palms and Howard Lederer is not holding his party at the Nugget. But there was a surprising addition. The poker babes Maria Ho, Tiffany Michelle and Vanessa Rousso threw a party at Nikki Beach.

When Maria placed second in the $5,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event she had said, “It’s a disappointment and I feel bad for saying that, because I won a lot of money and I should be proud.” Maria’s take from the prize pool was $540,020, which was the largest prize won by a woman ever at the Las Vegas WSOP. And Maria was quick to share the prize and her happiness with the poker fraternity at the celebration at the Nikki Beach Club at Tropicana. The party has been billed as the WSOP 2011 Ladies in Poker Kickoff Party. Speaking to the hostesses, Lynn Gilmartin and Kristy Arnett, who were covering the party, Maria appreciated the importance and congratulations that she had received, but she added, pointing to the jeweled bracelets that she was wearing, that these things would not cut in and that she was ready for the frigging real deal.

Kristy said that she had covered a lot of poker parties and it had always been a bunch of dudes. Lynn said that she had never seen so many sexy poker babes at the one time and the one place before. Vanessa described the mood of WSOP as work hard (at the tables) and play hard (at the parties). The get together of hot poker babes can never be complete without Trishelle Canatella and Lacey Jones and both were there. Lacey just about made it but was happy and excited to be a part of the celebration. The roster included Lauren Kling, Melaine Weisner, Michelle Lewis and Liz Lieu and more will be heard of the good times had in the columns and blogs that the poker babes write.

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